Cold Mercy, Bitter Peace


I wander.

The pain has become a part of me.

The agony has seeped into me.

The hopelessness engulfs me.

And Death grins and goads

from every side.

I see the vultures circle,

and land,

and hop ever closer

to their eventual meal.

The rain pelts my skin,

beats the dirt from my flesh,

washes the scabs of my scars clean,

and dribbles the blood from my wounds.

Time has lost meaning.

Life never found his.

I abandon it here,

and lift my eyes to Heaven,

to whatever gods exist,

and ask mercy of a slate-colored sky.

Closing my eyes,

my heart shuts with them.

There is a peace,

as a piece of me goes away.

I hear the vulture

chew and swallow.

Death laughs,

and goads no more.

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