Hasina’s Offering

The sound of many genuflecting in fear

fills the temple

as the altar glows

to reveal Hasina,

the ancient one.

Beautiful in robes of indigo

trimmed in lavender,

drafty exclamations at her beauty

echo in the high ceiling.

Tears of joy and excited wonder

spatter the stone floor.

The flock stares in adoration.

She pulls her black dagger

with the silver hilt

set with a glowing sapphire

to catch the departing souls.

Heads bow, and there is only silence

as she descends and walks the aisle,

calling those she deems worthy.

She slaughters them and lets them fall

as they may.

They weep at the honor

of dying at her hand.

Their families and harvests

will be blessed,

even as their souls

are damned.

The glow consumes her

as she leaves,

and the spirits follow

in chains of light.

I yet remain

unworthy of her knife.

Feast well.

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