She came to see the DragonSwan,

a creature strange and new.

Could fire and water co-exist?

The legends spoke it true?


And so she wandered through the woods,

the rising sun aglow,

soft filtered through the forest leaves,

her breath an errant flow.


Off to the side she saw the ripples

circling away.

The ivory DragonSwan  departing,

having caught its prey.


Within the verdant, dewy dawn,

her soul was stolen fast.

A gift, a vision, legend true,

a memory to last.


She drew her bow.

The DragonSwan looked deep into her eyes.

At length she lowered the lethal bow,

and sobbed between her sighs.


When next she looked the DragonSwan

was nowhere to be found.

And at her feet a feathered scale,

in tribute on the ground.


She held it in her lethal fist,

and praised the brightening dawn.

And with her still, the memory of

majestic DragonSwan.


*art by Edli Akolli

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